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Digital Planning Playbook
New to Goodnotes? Take our FREE course that teaches you how to use Goodnotes 6 to digital plan!
Organizing Digital Stickers
Having a large sticker collection can be overwhelming. In this course, we go through all the options you have for organizing digital stickers on an iPad and an Android! Plus get a free 100 section hyperlinked sticker book with purchase.
Digital Sticker Studio
Learn how to create your own personal use digital stickers in Canva. This course teaches you how to make stickers in Canva right on your tablet. Perfect for planners who want more control over the stickers they use! 

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Designing Digital Planners Academy
Learn how to create your own professional, lag free, digital planners using Adobe Software. With programs like Adobe Indesign and Photoshop, you can create planners just like me for personal use or start your own business! We teach you everything from a blank screen to a finished, hyperlinked planner! 
Digital Stickers Academy
Learn how to create your own digital stickers in programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva and Procreate! We walk you step by step from start to finish! 
Successful Selling
You've made your planners and stickers. What now? Learn how to set up an Etsy Store & Shopify Store and drive paying customers to them! 
Hyperlink Hero
The more advanced your planners get, the harder they are to hyperlink. But not with my secret strategy! 
Planner Empire Academy Affiliate Hub
Want to make even more passive income? Promote Planner Empire Academy and make 40% commission on each sale.